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What We Do
The West Windsor Plainsboro High School North Student Council exists to serve as the voice of the student body. This is done through three major functions:
  1. Voicing student opinions to the high school administration

  2. Coordinating and supporting student curricular and extracurricular activities

  3. Supporting, planning and executing events and fundraisers for the school and the greater community


Through these three functions, the Student Council seeks to promote a heightened sense of unity and positivity within all facets of the High School experience. Class Officers are composed of the Class President, Class Vice President, Class Secretary, Class Treasurer, and Class Special Assignments Officer(s) (if applicable) from each class. There may be at most two Special Assignments Officers for each Class Council. The choice of appointing none, one, or two special assignments officer(s) is at the discretion of the Class Councils. The Class Officers shall represent the views and perspectives of the students under their jurisdiction by communicating concerns with the Executive Board. They shall work mostly independent of the Student Council on their own projects, activities, and fundraisers designed to promote their respective classes. Student Council influence on matters concerning individual classes and their councils shall be minimal. The collective group of Student Council Representatives shall be composed of five members from each class. All Class Council members must be members of the class that they shall represent. They must also adhere to the rules and regulations of the school and act as role models and leaders by being civil members of the student body. The HSN Student Council is affiliated with the New Jersey Association of Student Councils (NJASC) and the National Association of Student Councils (NASC.)

Under the efforts of The Executive Board, all 4 Class Councils work to achieve grade-level success, while simultaneously coming back together to achieve school-wide success.


Clubs and Student Council

Maintaining clubs is one of Student Council's largest responsibilities. We want students to make the best of their club experience while maintaining their independence. Therefore, we've set up guidelines for clubs to follow. We understand that there have been concerns regarding the organization of this committee, and we have taken those into consideration. We are in the process of making some changes. As of now, here are the club policies, attendance forms, and other resources. 

NJASC and North Stuco

WW-P North is an active member school of the New Jersey Associations of Student Councils (NJASC). Within this organization thousands of student leaders, who compose the Garden State's student councils, come together to talk about student leadership endeavors, their school governments, and their purposes within their community. Members from our student council have attended seminars, under NJASC, including the NJ Department of Education's Student Summit, the Standards of Excellence Meeting, and the fall and winter conferences. SO Kirthi Chigurupati is also on our Executive Board.


 Feel free to read our HSN Student Council Constitution + By-Laws here:


President Ajith Amba
Vice President Arin Sang
President Sophie Pirrera
Vice President Jonathon Soloman
President Kirthi Chigurupati
Vice President Megan Lee

(no picture)

President Sarayu Kodali
Vice President Andrea Lu

(no picture)

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