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Hey Knights! My name is Christopher Boev and I'm beyond excited to be serving as your student body treasurer for this upcoming school year! Over these past 3 years  I've had the pleasure of working with all of you to make North the best it can be by serving as my class representative, treasurer, and subcommittee member.  For the future, I hope we can improve on bolstering school spirit and creating a more unified student body across grade levels by making more inclusive events and tangible difference to your high school experience! Outside of Student Council, sports and athletics make up the majority of my time. I'm a tri-season athlete who runs Cross Country, Winter Track, and Spring Track.  You can also catch me working as a lifeguard over the summer. Cheers to an exciting year full of promise and fun.


Hey Knights! My name is Andrea Lu and I’m so excited to serve as one of your 2022-2023 Special Assignments Officers. I’ve had the honor to be class Vice President for the past three years, and I’m looking forward to working   on new events and ideas to create a welcoming and lively school environment. Outside of student council, I’m also a part of frisbee, NHD, and the volleyball team. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just wanna talk, and I’m looking forward to our year together!

Hi Knights! My name is Riya Parikh and I am serving as one your Special Assignments Officers for the 2022-2023 school year. I have served as a Special Assignments Officer for my class and as a subcommittee member. I am excited for the upcoming school year and hope to host events that make your high school experience more enjoyable. Looking forward to a great year :)

Hi everyone! My name is Kohav Dantara and I am so honored to be serving as your student body president this year. This is my fourth year on student council and in my time I have had the privilege to serve as the 2023 class secretary and an eboard special assignments officer. Outside of student council, I'm involved with HOSA, Waksman, and political advocacy. I look forward to using my experience to establish new initiatives within our school community that better reflect the needs of our student body including expanding senior privileges. I look forward to working with all of you over the next year to make sure that we truly make this next year, the best year of high school. In my free time, you can catch me listening to my hit Spotify playlists or attempting to cook something for my family. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have a question, concern, or just need someone to talk to.

What's up! My name is Bhaumik Mehta and I am excited to kick of the year as your Executive Board Vice President! I have been involved in student council since 6th grade and have served as the class of 2024 president for the past two years! I plan to mobilize this experience to ensure this year is as awesome as it can be! Outside of student council I am also a part of Math Club, CS Club, and plan to join the frisbee team. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas! Get ready for a great year knights :))

What’s up everyone! My name’s Surya and I’m thankful to serve the student body as the Exec Board secretary. I’ve done Student Council my whole high school career, and I have loved every single minute of it. Outside of StuCo I am a part of JSA, the Basketball Team, and I even play cricket! Yes, cricket is a sport. I can’t wait for a great year, which I hope to improve through emphasizing communication from us to you. If you catch me in the hallways, say hi to me. I always love meeting new people and talking about whatever. Let’s get it North, can’t wait for a great year.


Hey Knights! My name is Mihir Shankar and I am excited to be one of your Special Assignment Officers this coming year. I’ve been involved with the student council since sixth grade and have loved serving as the ‘24 secretary these past two years. I am looking forward to making this year the best it can be. I can’t wait to plan and host spectacular events for you all including the ToKnight Show. My goals for this year is to create a safe space for everyone and make sure you guys feel like they belong. I love meeting new people and making friends so don't hesitate to reach out if you want to talk about anything 🙂 Together, let's make this year count!

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